Policies and Procedures

  • Opticom must take payment before any physical or electronic product is created for use. 
  • We have an up to five business day turnaround time for products ordered unless the rush fee is accepted or another arrangement has been made.
  • Once a proof has been signed off and placed into production, no changes can be made. If a change has to be made and the product has been completed, the purchaser must purchase a new item.
  • Opticom is not responsible for spelling and/or numerical errors once a proof has been signed off.
  • Opticom has the right to refuse to service to anyone.
  • If additional artwork is requested, the purchaser is responsible for providing the artwork. Opticom is not responsible for finding or acquiring logos.
  • Opticom Sign Shop and their employees are not associated with the posting division and can not make repairs to a post order or schedule a delivery. We can pass this information along to the posting division, however, it is wise to notate if such a need is necessary when ordering the product.
  • Opticom Sign Post Services and their employees are not associated with the Sign Shop division, please make sure that your orders for signs are CC'ed or a separate sign email is sent to us to be created. Opticom Sign Post Services will not honor a request sent to them. 
  • Opticom follows all copyright and branding laws. Please do not attempt to have Opticom use any picture, logo, entity, or copyrighted material without permission from their respective owners. 
  • Split payments between two clients are not allowed. Please have one payment ready for your purchase.
  • Certain products must be built with certain materials. Opticom will help guide you to the best choice for your product.
  • Opticom is not responsible for damages that may occur to the product if we expressed that the material is incorrect for the product you are choosing,
  • Opticom will fix or replace any product that the customer is dissatisfied with within 7 days as long as the product is in new condition(has not been used in the field) or the product has OEM material defects.
  • If requested, Opticom will store signs, commercial signs, and riders. Opticom does not store A-Frames.
  •  The purchaser has up to five business days to pick up the product if they are not storing it at our facilities. If the product has not been picked up or arrangements have not been made for a delivery, Opticom reserves the right to deliver the product to the address given when ordered at the purchaser's cost. 

Refunds and Exchanges

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