About Us

Opticom has been manufacturing signs for many years and as the demand has grown so has our need to update our ordering system. From the beginning we have used only premium products throughout the entire production process and that will now reflect in our ordering system.


Opticom was founded in 1999 and our work within the real estate industry remains unmatched in the Bay Area to this day. The sign making process was introduced later in 2012 as an exclusive service for our clients. While we had entertained the idea before, the accessibility to large format printing equipment was very costly and output was not to our standards. The quality, integrity, and customer service that made us so successful in the post installation segment needed to be echoed in the sign production side as well. With advancements in technologies and wide spread adoption of equipment it finally created the opportunity we had been waiting for.

Key examples of the quality of our work are demonstrated through our high standards. All of our digitally printed graphics are always over-laminated ensuring lasting quality and protection. Because of our process all of our signs are hand made from initial production through to finishing. To keep our quality of standards consistent the entire production process from initial design through printing process and finally application is all under one roof.

We strive in all aspects of the business to provide integrity with our products and services. One of those aspects is making sure that your order is produced on time, every time, ensuring consistency. In the rare case we do make a mistake ( we are only human) we will make it right. We also keep up with new trends and use sustainable resources such as eco-friendly equipment and materials as they become available. Making sure we do what we say is paramount for our company.

While using premium equipment and materials makes our product stand out from the rest, our service behind it is what separates us from the competition. We can provide one of the fastest turn around times in the industry, up to next day, once all requirements are met. Specializing in small quantities is also a great advantage for our clients since we can provide specific needs filled without minimum order quantities. Not only can we produce high-quality signs and accessories but we also have the ability to store those and install or remove them as needed.

When combining the quality, integrity and customer service we are known for it becomes hard to find the same result elsewhere. Our products are different and it shows in our professional craftsmanship. We care about what we're selling because you care about what you're receiving.